How to add watermark on a PDF document

Looking to add stamp or watermark on your PDF document online? PDFPUSH provides the most efficient way to add watermark without having to download any software. 
Following is the tutorial to add watermark to your PDF files with a few simple steps:

How to add watermark on a PDF file

  1. Upload or drag and drop your PDF file.
  2. Click “Add Text button” or add image button at the top of the PDF page.
  3. Change Image Size and transparency of the watermark.
  4. Click the add watermark button. The watermarked image is now ready for use.

When adding watermark to your PDF file you need to ensure that you are uploading the right PDF files, desired signature text or watermark image. You also need to select correct size and transparency of the watermark you want to add to the PDF file.  You do not need to make any payment to use this tool. PDFPush is a completely free tool. Moreover, PDF Push is a fast and efficient tool. You will be able to add watermark on your PDF files instantly out of this online tool, no matter how many you have.