Learn how to convert JPG into PDF

Are you looking to convert your JPG/JPEG image files into a PDF? PDFpush offers the easy and fast way to make that transformation without having to download any software on your device. It offers a convenient and 100% free online conversion tool which allows you to convert JPGs into PDFs using few simple steps listed below.

How to convert JPG into PDF files

  • Upload or drag and drop your JPG image file.
  • Your JPG file will be uploaded and ready for the conversion to JPG.
  • Click the “Convert PDF file” button.
  • Click the download button, your file is now turned into a JPG and ready for use.




When converting the JPG file to PDF make sure that you upload the correct and supported image file in the JPG format. The quality of the output PDF file will depend on the JPG file, we ensure that there is no drop in quality during the conversion process. The PDF file will be fully editable and ready to be printed